I build iPhone apps and web applications in NodeJS, Objective-C, and Swift.

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ChatGPT as a bash command

I recently discovered that ChatGPT’s web chat now uses the faster (but dumber) Turbo model, so I’ve been looking at ways to use the...
33 sec read

Signed S3 Custom, Secure Urls on CloudFlare

It may sound contrived, but the signing a custom S3 URL which is secured through CloudFlare is a very common and unbelievably challenging process....
3 min read

Oklahoma Vaccine Alerts Website

When vaccines started rolling out in January, my father-in-law mentioned he was having trouble finding an appointment. We weren’t eligible yet, so he sent...
2 min read

Easter Egg Launcher / Rocket Launcher

This project was… a failure. But I learned a lot and put several million miles on my truck driving to home depot. Ever year...
58 sec read

Arduino “America’s Got Talent” Buttons

My niece LOVES America’s Got Talent, so my sister had a brilliant idea to do an AGT style talent show for her birthday. Friends...
24 sec read

iScout is Acquired by KPA

I’ve posted on this before, but I co-founded an EHS management SaaS with two buddies back in 2014. Looking back, I must have been...
41 sec read

Luigi Jump Sound iPhone App

Jack may be the only kid in the world who wanted to be… Luigi… not Mario… for Halloween. But hey, you be you man....
1 min read

Animated Ghost Giving Out Candy: Trick or Treat!

I’ve always wanted to build a Halloween monster that would give out candy. This year was perfect since we were all trying to “socially...
1 min read

Building a Treehouse: My Pandemic Project

In June, TikTok tricked me into thinking I could do woodworking. I made some floating shelves and only cut myself badly once. ;) For...
5 min read

DIY Floating Bedside Shelf

This is embarrassing. I downloaded TikTok a few weeks back and was quickly sucked in to its maniacal algorithm. Apparently I’m a sucker for...
42 sec read