Maybe It’s Time to Retire Mathematical Notation

I was helping my nephew with some math homework and he was stuck on a nasty looking formula. I explained it for several minutes,...
4 min read

Direct S3 File Uploads for NodeJS

I’m on a mission to document the most challenging parts of software development. Client side uploads to S3 is absolutely top 5. Navigating AWS...
3 min read

Should I use Mongo or SQL?

5 years ago I co-founded – a SAAS which now collects millions of safety reports and training completions. For weeks I struggled to...
5 min read

Facebook Authentication for NodeJS

For some reason, OAuth always seems overly complicated. Documentation stinks and errors are vague. Abstractions like Passport.js add a mountain of complication while barely...
1 min read

Google Authentication for NodeJS

Nothing makes me sweat like OAuth. Documentation is sparse and errors are cryptic. Libraries like Passport.js just add a poorly designed abstraction to an...
2 min read