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Facebook Authentication for NodeJS

For some reason, OAuth always seems overly complicated. Documentation stinks and errors are vague. Abstractions like Passport.js add a mountain of complication while barely...
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Google Authentication for NodeJS

Nothing makes me sweat like OAuth. Documentation is sparse and errors are cryptic. Libraries like Passport.js just add a poorly designed abstraction to an...
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iScout Reporting & Training

Looking Back Four years ago, I co-founded iScout – a safety reporting and training web application and app. Over time we’ve worked hard to...
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DraftNight Smack Mode

There are two keys to a great fantasy football draft. Grub and a little friendly banter. That’s right, trash talk. The key is keeping...
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Flower Shop Subscription Service

If you live around Norman, OK, you should check out the The Flower Shop on North Porter. They’ve also got a great Instagram account...
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WhichPic – iPhone Photos Game

WhichPic is coming to the iTunes App Store in August 2019. What is WhichPic? WhichPic is photos game/app for iPhone & iPad. Your job...
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2020 Training

2020 Training 2018 has been a busy year because we’ve also added a new training module called “2020 Training”. About two years ago, it...
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iScout Safety and Training Software

From HazardScout to iScout Back in 2015, I joined two friends to start a company called HazardScout. This month, we are officially renaming to...
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Merry Christmas!

Yippee-Ki-Yay… Merry Christmas!
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Recipes For Life: React Native

Shhhhh…. don’t tell my mom, but I’ve built an iPhone / iPad app for her birthday. About 18 years ago, I built the website...
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