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Pocket Potato iPhone Game

Play while your phone is IN YOUR POCKET! See Pocket Potato in the iPhone App Store Pocket Potato is like playing hot potato with...
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Prop Bets Website

Last year my wife and I made a list of 20 questions for everyone to answer before our Superbowl party. Prop bets, actually. As...
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MTM builds all kinds of websites to help people order awards online. This website takes in team and player names and automatically shows a...
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Today’s Weather for iPhone

See Today's Weather in the iPhone App Store When you look at the weather forecast, what are you really wanting to know? You want...
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Christmas Card 2009

Here's our 2009 Christmas Card. Merry Christmas!
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Love Tap iPhone app

See Love Tap in the iPhone App Store Discover your love compatibility with someone in a tap! HOW DOES IT WORK? Answer a brief...
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Boss of Toss iPhone Game

Rejected from the App Store! 🙂 Boss of Toss is the latest, greatest new form of iPhone competition! See how high your phone goes...
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GeeVee – Google Voice iPhone App

Rejected from the App Store! 🙂 GeeVee Phone Lite is the fastest, easiest way to place a call through Google Voice – it lets...
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Wright’s Family Market

Wright's Family Market is my grandfather's small grocery store chain in Norman, OK. After decades of patching a number of back-end systems, I worked...
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MTM ECards

MTM ECards is a website I built that makes it super easy to recognize your fellow co-worker (or anyone else) by sending an ecard...
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