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Setup A GoDaddy SSL Certificate on Heroku

Background I’m using AppHarbor to host an ASP.NET site I built a few years ago. This year I started charging for it, so I...
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Superbowl Party Game iPad App

Three years ago, I built a website for a Superbowl watch party at my house. We invited about a dozen friends to answer 20...
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OKDate – Dates for Objective-C

OKDate is an open source date library I just released for objective-c. If you've ever worked with NSDate in Objective-C you know how painful...
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Christmas Card 2012

We got a golden-doodle this year named Sunny, so of course she's featured on our 2012 Christmas Card. Merry Christmas!
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Get Buzzam Radio, Free On The App Store

Download Buzzam Radio for free from the iTunes App Store We finally went live on the App Store, check it out. We were also...
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Car Carpool

When I drive to Dallas, I wish that this existed. Maybe someday.
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Remote Connections with VS2010

From time to time, I find myself needing to connect to a debugging VS website from another machine. Maybe it’s for a demo, maybe...
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Getting an iPhone UDID from Mobile Safari

Getting your app into beta tester’s hands is a pain. Even with new services like Test Flight the process is confusing and clunky for...
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The Evolution of (My) Code

Ironically, only one of these does not actually work. But the tests pass…
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Buzzam Boulder Video

Buzzam is in continuous development while we do everything we can to get into TechStars Boulder. We submitted our application 3 months ago, but...
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