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Remote Connections with VS2010

From time to time, I find myself needing to connect to a debugging VS website from another machine. Maybe it’s for a demo, maybe...
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Getting an iPhone UDID from Mobile Safari

Getting your app into beta tester’s hands is a pain. Even with new services like Test Flight the process is confusing and clunky for...
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The Evolution of (My) Code

Ironically, only one of these does not actually work. But the tests pass…
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Buzzam Boulder Video

Buzzam is in continuous development while we do everything we can to get into TechStars Boulder. We submitted our application 3 months ago, but...
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I took my wife skydiving yesterday (Feb 24) for Valentine's day. Here are some pics and the video. Video on YouTube Skydiving Photos on...
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My blog gets a redesign every 18 months. There's no schedule, but that's about how long it takes for me to get bored with...
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Buzzam Radio

Buzzam is a personalized radio station that combines your music and interests to build a custom, activity aware listening experience. This is a large...
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Tiny Troops iPhone Game

At MTM we spend our Fridays working on creative projects that plunge us into new technologies. It seems clear that mobile development is something...
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Delayed Car Locks

How about a 30 second delay when you press lock?
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Laser Tag!!! iPhone Game

See Laser Tag in the iPhone App Store Play Laser Tag using your iPhone as the gun! HOW IT WORKS Each player uses their...
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