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Chemical Alarm Clock

Waking up is hard to do. Someone should add an 8 hour coating to an energy pill.
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Christmas Card 2011

Here's our 2011 Christmas Card. We went through a lot of versions, (some slightly inappropriate) and this is what we came up with. Merry...
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FloMoJo – Convert Text to Flowchart

Yesterday I created a proof of concept site that converts text to a flow chart. See it at Going Postal Yesterday I went...
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Migrating an LLBLGen Project from 2.X to 3.X

Migrating a project from V2 to V3 LLBLGen project was a huge pain. Since I work in 30+ projects that use V2, I decided...
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Native Regex vs. UIWebView Regex

My latest project has me doing A LOT of string manipulation which is a huge pain in objective-c. To top it off, I’d really...
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Sign Up Sheet for iPad

See Sign Up Sheet in the iPad App Store At MTM, we needed a good way to sign people up for interviews at a...
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Core Data Migrations and Cave Monsters

Migrating the core data schema on an iOS app is like a monster in a cave. When I walk by, the monster growls and...
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Photoshop Scripting – User Interface

I've been really digging into using JavaScript with Photoshop in the last few months. Today I made a wonderful, mysterious discovery. Discovering the Photoshop...
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Reading and Writing Text Files from Photoshop Scripts

My latest posted discussed showing a UI that had textareas, buttons, and more so users could interact with your Photoshop script. But now I...
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Help Desk

MTM needed a way to take in IT requests, respond quickly, automatically answer frequent questions, measure response and survey rates, and more.
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