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Reading and Writing Text Files from Photoshop Scripts

My latest posted discussed showing a UI that had textareas, buttons, and more so users could interact with your Photoshop script. But now I...
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Help Desk

MTM needed a way to take in IT requests, respond quickly, automatically answer frequent questions, measure response and survey rates, and more.
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Kindle Notes & Apps

When I got my Kindle, I immediately signed up to be a Kindle developer but wasn't accepted. Since my Kindle had a built in...
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Lenstoss Contact Lens iPhone App

See Lenstoss in the App Store Lenstoss is another app I developed for an eye doctor. It reminds you when to change your contact...
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Memorize Anything for iPhone & iPad

UPDATE (3/21/2012): Having issues with crashing? Version 1.3 released today & fixes crashes on all devices. Still having problems? Email us at [email protected] &...
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Cocoa Bird Cocoa to Twitter API

Today I open sourced my Objective-c/Cocoa to Twitter open-source library under the title CocoaBird. Here's the story… I've got a new project and one...
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Core Data – Simplified

Every time I make an iOS app, I shy away from Core Data and end up storing data in a plist or sqlite. It's...
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Reporting JavaScript Errors

Two days ago, Maria hits me with the old "Your website doesn't work on my computer" shtick. If you're a web developer, you know...
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Automating Photoshop with JavaScript (Advanced)

I've been working to automate Photoshop quite a bit lately. In September I wrote Automate Photoshop with JavaScript which uses ExtendScript Toolkit (packed with...
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MTM Awards

MTM Awards lets you completely customize all kinds of different awards. As you upload your logos, choose different options, and type in your engraving...
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