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Automating Photoshop with JavaScript

Who's ready to have their mind blown? I wasn't, so when I saw Adobe's Photoshop Automation with Javascript page I got brains everywhere. Who...
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Words With… Foes!

Words with Friends is a fantastic iPhone game where you play scrabble with your friends. The only drawback is that you never really know...
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Sending & Receiving Email in CSharp

When I develop in C#, there are a lot of seemingly simple tasks that are incredibly hard to figure out how to develop. Sending...
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Anonymous Types in Ruby

Anonymous Types in C# Anonymous types are new in C# 3.5 and while they are easily abused, they greatly simplify certain tasks. You can't...
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Connecting to SQL Express Remotely

Setting up remote connections for SQL Express is brutal. Especially for a dope like me. But I think i've got it down. Here are...
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MemorEYES for iPhone

See MemorEYES in the App Store MemorEYES is an app I developed for an eye doctor. While you play, your eyes are being trained...
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Rounded Corners With CSS

The Old Way Apparently I've been doing rounded corners like a three-year-old from 1993. Lots of html, images, javascript, and probably a whole library...
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Memory Card iPhone Game

My wife's sister has 4 kids that really enjoy iPhone games. Just for fun, we decided to make a game featuring the whole family....
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Commercial Brick

Commercial Brick is a website designed to display samples of brick for distributors and other customers.
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Weather Dashboard for iPad

Weather Dashboard tells you the weather exactly how you want it… by comparing yesterday to today. So if today is a few degrees warmer...
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