Buzzam Radio

Buzzam is a personalized radio station that combines your music and interests to build a custom, activity aware listening experience. This is a large...
24 sec read

Tiny Troops iPhone Game

At MTM we spend our Fridays working on creative projects that plunge us into new technologies. It seems clear that mobile development is something...
17 sec read

Laser Tag!!! iPhone Game

See Laser Tag in the iPhone App Store Play Laser Tag using your iPhone as the gun! HOW IT WORKS Each player uses their...
45 sec read

Whack a Champ iPhone Game

For Christmas I made my nephews a game featuring them and our whole family. We all call my dad 'champ' so we made a...
9 sec read

Christmas Card 2011

Here's our 2011 Christmas Card. We went through a lot of versions, (some slightly inappropriate) and this is what we came up with. Merry...
5 sec read

FloMoJo – Convert Text to Flowchart

Yesterday I created a proof of concept site that converts text to a flow chart. See it at Going Postal Yesterday I went...
1 min read

Sign Up Sheet for iPad

See Sign Up Sheet in the iPad App Store At MTM, we needed a good way to sign people up for interviews at a...
22 sec read

Help Desk

MTM needed a way to take in IT requests, respond quickly, automatically answer frequent questions, measure response and survey rates, and more.
4 sec read

Kindle Notes & Apps

When I got my Kindle, I immediately signed up to be a Kindle developer but wasn't accepted. Since my Kindle had a built in...
23 sec read

Lenstoss Contact Lens iPhone App

See Lenstoss in the App Store Lenstoss is another app I developed for an eye doctor. It reminds you when to change your contact...
1 min read