Cocoa Bird Cocoa to Twitter API

Today I open sourced my Objective-c/Cocoa to Twitter open-source library under the title CocoaBird. Here's the story… I've got a new project and one...
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MTM Awards

MTM Awards lets you completely customize all kinds of different awards. As you upload your logos, choose different options, and type in your engraving...
8 sec read

Three Sixty

At MTM we have an innovative process for encouraging communication throughout the company and it's called the 360. Anyone can submit an idea or...
7 sec read

Bendy Tree iOS Library

With a year of iOS development under my belt, I've got a decent code base that I copy from project to project. Extensions on...
1 min read

Heads Up Dashboards

To keep a high level view of how manufacturing processes are going at MTM, we designed these heads up dashboards to show live data...
6 sec read

Fantasy Footbal Draft Board for iPad

I've been through enough Fantasy Football drafts to know how painful the drafting process is. Sometimes people use spreadsheets, sometimes they put sticky notes...
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What Can MTM Create For You Video

From time to time, I get to make a video for MTM. We make a lot of really impressive trophies, including all the NCAA...
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Words With… Foes!

Words with Friends is a fantastic iPhone game where you play scrabble with your friends. The only drawback is that you never really know...
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MemorEYES for iPhone

See MemorEYES in the App Store MemorEYES is an app I developed for an eye doctor. While you play, your eyes are being trained...
2 min read

Memory Card iPhone Game

My wife's sister has 4 kids that really enjoy iPhone games. Just for fun, we decided to make a game featuring the whole family....
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