Boss of Toss iPhone Game

Rejected from the App Store! :) Boss of Toss is the latest, greatest new form of iPhone competition! See how high your phone goes...
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GeeVee – Google Voice iPhone App

Rejected from the App Store! :) GeeVee Phone Lite is the fastest, easiest way to place a call through Google Voice – it lets...
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Wright’s Family Market

Wright's Family Market is my grandfather's small grocery store chain in Norman, OK. After decades of patching a number of back-end systems, I worked...
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MTM ECards

MTM ECards is a website I built that makes it super easy to recognize your fellow co-worker (or anyone else) by sending an ecard...
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LISP Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life is a zero-player game where you setup an initial configuration and the game evolves itself. My capstone project in college...
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Inland Hills Church

The Inland Hills website was for a new church in California. It included multiple blogs, photo galleries, ecards, text notifications, mailing lists, calendars, bios,...
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Christmas Card 2008

Here's our 2008 Christmas Card. Merry Christmas!
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Hopper for House

Hopper for House is a political website for David Hopper. David ran for the Oklahoma House District 45.
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Scrum Cards

Scrum Cards was one of my first real plunges into javascript with a library (prototypejs in this case). It's not around anymore, but I'd...
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The Kibera Project

The Kibera Project website was for a group from Canada who raise money for micro-loans for people in Kibera, Kenya.
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