I build iPhone apps and web applications in NodeJS, Objective-C, and Swift.

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How To Setup NodeJS With Dokku on Digital Ocean

This is a walkthrough of setting up a NodeJS website on digital ocean droplet by Dokku 0.4.2. If you know the tricks, its an...
1 min read

Weather Nerd for iPhone and iPad

My Goal I needed to touch up on iOS dev, so over the last year I’ve spent some free time building a new app....
52 sec read

Draft Night – Draft Board Software

What is Draft Night? Draft Night is fantasy football draft board software that allows people to make picks and see a live draft board...
43 sec read

On – The New jQuery Event Handler

jQuery has a new method of wiring up events. It’s called ‘on’. It’s actually been around since jQuery 1.7 which was released November 3,...
2 min read

StringSmash – Compress JS Strings

Sometimes you need to embed really long strings in JavaScript. Ok, rarely. But say you embed some css in JavaScript and the strings repeat...
46 sec read

Setup A GoDaddy SSL Certificate on Heroku

Background I’m using AppHarbor to host an ASP.NET site I built a few years ago. This year I started charging for it, so I...
2 min read

Superbowl Party Game iPad App

Three years ago, I built a website for a Superbowl watch party at my house. We invited about a dozen friends to answer 20...
24 sec read

OKDate – Dates for Objective-C

OKDate is an open source date library I just released for objective-c. If you've ever worked with NSDate in Objective-C you know how painful...
29 sec read

Christmas Card 2012

We got a golden-doodle this year named Sunny, so of course she's featured on our 2012 Christmas Card. Merry Christmas!
4 sec read

Get Buzzam Radio, Free On The App Store

Download Buzzam Radio for free from the iTunes App Store We finally went live on the App Store, check it out. We were also...
18 sec read