I build iPhone apps and web applications in NodeJS, Objective-C, and Swift.

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Remote Connections with VS2010

From time to time, I find myself needing to connect to a debugging VS website from another machine. Maybe it’s for a demo, maybe...
1 min read

Getting an iPhone UDID from Mobile Safari

Getting your app into beta tester’s hands is a pain. Even with new services like Test Flight the process is confusing and clunky for...
2 min read

The Evolution of (My) Code

Ironically, only one of these does not actually work. But the tests pass…
2 sec read

Buzzam Boulder Video

Buzzam is in continuous development while we do everything we can to get into TechStars Boulder. We submitted our application 3 months ago, but...
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I took my wife skydiving yesterday (Feb 24) for Valentine's day. Here are some pics and the video. Video on YouTube Skydiving Photos on...
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My blog gets a redesign every 18 months. There's no schedule, but that's about how long it takes for me to get bored with...
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Buzzam Radio

Buzzam is a personalized radio station that combines your music and interests to build a custom, activity aware listening experience. This is a large...
24 sec read

Tiny Troops iPhone Game

At MTM we spend our Fridays working on creative projects that plunge us into new technologies. It seems clear that mobile development is something...
17 sec read

Delayed Car Locks

How about a 30 second delay when you press lock?
1 sec read

Laser Tag!!! iPhone Game

See Laser Tag in the iPhone App Store Play Laser Tag using your iPhone as the gun! HOW IT WORKS Each player uses their...
45 sec read