I build iPhone apps and web applications in NodeJS, Objective-C, and Swift.

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Words With… Foes!

Words with Friends is a fantastic iPhone game where you play scrabble with your friends. The only drawback is that you never really know...
52 sec read

Sending & Receiving Email in CSharp

When I develop in C#, there are a lot of seemingly simple tasks that are incredibly hard to figure out how to develop. Sending...
1 min read

Anonymous Types in Ruby

Anonymous Types in C# Anonymous types are new in C# 3.5 and while they are easily abused, they greatly simplify certain tasks. You can't...
59 sec read

Connecting to SQL Express Remotely

Setting up remote connections for SQL Express is brutal. Especially for a dope like me. But I think i've got it down. Here are...
1 min read

MemorEYES for iPhone

See MemorEYES in the App Store MemorEYES is an app I developed for an eye doctor. While you play, your eyes are being trained...
2 min read

Rounded Corners With CSS

The Old Way Apparently I've been doing rounded corners like a three-year-old from 1993. Lots of html, images, javascript, and probably a whole library...
34 sec read

Memory Card iPhone Game

My wife's sister has 4 kids that really enjoy iPhone games. Just for fun, we decided to make a game featuring the whole family....
18 sec read

Commercial Brick

Commercial Brick is a website designed to display samples of brick for distributors and other customers.
3 sec read

Weather Dashboard for iPad

Weather Dashboard tells you the weather exactly how you want it… by comparing yesterday to today. So if today is a few degrees warmer...
10 sec read

Understanding Generations Video

Understanding Generations is a video I made for MTM. The video is part of a much longer presentation that discusses how generations are different...
9 sec read