DIY Floating Bedside Shelf

42 sec read

This is embarrassing. I downloaded TikTok a few weeks back and was quickly sucked in to its maniacal algorithm. Apparently I’m a sucker for those 30 second videos of people crafting – particularly woodworking. My feed is 90% woodworking and 10% “Shaqtin a Fool” style bloopers. How could I resist?

But something sparked and at 38 years old, it finally occurred that I could give woodworking a shot. My wife has been wanting some closet shelves, but she convinced me maybe my first project should be on a smaller scale. The kiddos have bunk beds and basically sleep on top of their books, so I decided to make each of them a floating shelf like this:

I made a ton of mistakes. I also learned why a router is directional (the head broke off and cut my hand). But the kids were thrilled. Now they have a nice spot for books and a drink:

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