Draft Night - Draft Board Software

By Josh Wright on July 2013 in projects


What is Draft Night?

Draft Night is fantasy football draft board software that allows people to make picks and see a live draft board on their projector or TV screen.

Check it out at https://www.draftnight.com.

What's New?

Over the last few years, I've had a lot of great features requests for Draft Night. Some of them were fundamental changes such as "making picks from other devices". All that to say, this year I did a complete rewrite and added nearly all of the requested features.

Previously, it was a native iPad app where the iPad was the controller. The iPad sent updates to a website where you could view (but not edit) the draft board.

This year I used NodeJS, web sockets, HTML5, and jQuery Mobile to rebuild the draft board in a way that worked in nearly any web browser. Now league managers can login from any mobile or desktop device, create a league, and allow the members to make picks from their own device. Web sockets allow the different devices to stay flawlessly in-sync. You can see a demo of the draft board software here.

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