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There are two keys to a great fantasy football draft. Grub and a little friendly banter. That’s right, trash talk.

The key is keeping it light and friendly, not mean or rude.

Enter Draft Night’s SmackMode!


SmackMode is automatic smack talk for your draft. After each pick, the draft board audibly speaks a short bit of trash talk. The clips are typically 8-10 words but some are sound effects, etc.

If you have the draft board up on multiple screens, the same comment will play on each device at exactly the same time. Pretty cool!

Check out the DraftNight Smack Mode Demo.

Example Comments

Here are a few of the fantasy football draft smack talk comments:

That pick reminds me, are we doing participation medals this year?
Ok, I just threw up in my mouth.
So you're the reason they put instructions on shampoo.
A million years of evolution and that's the pick we get.
Somebody had to take him.
Well, you should have a pretty good waiver priority.
I like to call this the "2017 Browns Strategy".
That pick is a real page turner.
Wow, now that's a gutsy pick.
Don't pick him! I was going to get him in like 4 rounds!
Let's just say, I was *not* expecting that pick.
So nice of you to go easy on the rest of the league.
You know that a reverse draft doesn't mean you pick the worst guys first.

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