iScout is Acquired by KPA

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I’ve posted on this before, but I co-founded an EHS management SaaS with two buddies back in 2014. Looking back, I must have been nuts. Our first child was under a year old and I decided to quit my job of 8 years and start a business. What was I thinking?? 😂

It’s been a wild 7 years, and I’ve loved every minute. Spoiled really. My co-founders are good, smart people. It’s exciting to sell a company that you built from scratch, but it’s bittersweet too. It’s hard to let go.

KPA will be a great home for iScout. They know safety/ehs as well as any group I’ve ever worked with. They’ve got a ton of high quality consultants and are excited to bring it into new spaces. We (the co-founders) did a lot of things right I think, but we’d all agree marketing was never a strength. We were fortunate that word-of-mouth growth was strong and consistent. KPA, on the other hand, has a much better grip on sales and marketing. They’re also committed to keeping the product quality high as well as investing in support.

The future will be different but it will be bright!

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