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From HazardScout to iScout

Back in 2015, I joined two friends to start a company called HazardScout. This month, we are officially renaming to iScout.

HazardScout began as Behavior Based Safety software mainly focused on Near Miss Reporting and Observation Cards. As our customer base grew it became clear that “Safety Management” demanded more that just BBS reporting. Safety management requires inner-team communication, flexible forms and analytics that can fit any team, computer based training and training tracking, safety alerts, open task lists, equipment inspections, and more. As you can imagine, we quickly outgrew our BBS focused name, HazardScout.

After much (maybe too much) deliberation, we landed on a new name that feels like a perfect fit, iScout.

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2020 Training

2018 has been a busy year because we’ve also added a new training module called “2020 Training”. About two years ago, it became clear that employees should be able to complete training through HazardScout. Knowing there were several computer based training providers with tons of content, we chose to implement a SCORM and AICC player into HazardScout’s lesson builder. That means that our clients could purchase training from another provider and “play” it in our system because SCORM is an industry standard.

After about a year of making that work, we realized that the vast majority of third-party content was out-of-date and unusable on mobile. So after much deliberation, we heard our customers’ cries and spent a year building out what truly is a revolutionary new computer based training platform. We called it 2020 Training.

What’s different about 2020 Training?

  • Turnkey Training with a Single Click – For most computer based training services, setup is a nightmare. They quote you 4-6 weeks and thousands of dollars just to get the content setup. Plus you’ve got to get your users loaded and teach them how to login, etc. Our clients are already login to iScout daily, so that makes deployment incredibly easy. Just pick a lesson and choose who it’s assigned to.
  • Course Catalog – As of this article, we have about 40 lessons in the course catalog. Real talk here, that’s actually a very low number. Most training providers have well over 100 lessons. We’re adding about 2 per week and hope to be near 100 by the end of 2019. But the size of our library actually doesn’t matter because we’re doing something that no one else is doing. Read on…
  • Custom Content – Back in our SCORM days, we had a customer request a change on a third party’s lesson. The lesson’s quiz said workers should be at least 10 feet away from a certain hazard. Our client’s policy was actually 25 feet, so they needed the quiz to reflect that. Of course, we have nothing to do with that content, but we reached out on behalf of our customer to the provider. The provider quoted us over $4k and nearly a month of work. What in the world?!? They literally needed to change two characters! With 2020 Training, you can completely edit any of the training content you import. Remove slides, add your own policy slides, change questions, add your own – the sky is the limit. As soon as you hit save, those changes are instantly available to your entire workforce. That means you can also design your own lessons from scratch. So while our content library is fairly small, your ability to create your own has been a massive win.
  • Mobile Optimized – Most 3rd party training shows up as a 4:3 rectangle on a mobile device. The text is unreadable and the buttons are microscopic. 2020 Training is mobile first. Each slide is responsive meaning it will choose a layout that fits and looks nicely on your screen. Our numbers show that the majority of users are doing CBT’s through their phone, so why not make it a good experience?
  • Auto Narration – 2020 Training has automatic narration based on Amazon Polly’s text to speech. Once you create your slides, the narration will automatically speak your text along with questions and answers. You can choose from 10 different voices, plus background music that fades in when narration isn’t speaking.
  • Multi Lingual – Is your workforce multi-lingual? Most are! Design your lessons in english and the text and narration will be automatically translated to nearly 100 languages using Google Translate!

2020 Training is a neat combination of a lot of new technology.

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