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Rejected from the App Store! 🙂

GeeVee Phone Lite is the fastest, easiest way to place a call through Google Voice – it lets people see your Google Voice phone number when you call them!

Both iPhone and iPod touch owners can dial a phone number or choose a contact to call. Once the call is placed, YOUR iPhone or cell phone (for touch users) will ring and Google Voice will connect you to the person you called!


Do you want people to call your Google Voice number instead of your cell phone number? When they call your Google Voice number, your cell phone rings – which is perfect! But when you call them, they see your normal cell phone number, not your Google Voice number! This can be confusing and makes it difficult for people to call you back.

This app lets them see your Google Voice number – they never have to know about your real cell phone number!

Calling with Google Voice is soooo much easier now! -Owner of Hopping Cow, LLC


  • The person you call SEES your Google Voice number
  • Keypad – dial a number
  • Contacts – select a contact to call
  • Voicemail

You need a (free) Google Voice account to use this app. To sign up, go to and request an invite.

NOTE: Standard Rates Apply – GeeVee Phone Lite calls are still serviced through your normal carrier. GeeVee Phone Lite does not service the call or bypass your carrier; it just connects your cell phone with their phone.

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