Laser Tag!!! iPhone Game

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Play Laser Tag using your iPhone as the gun!


Each player uses their iPhone as a laser gun. Aim at other players by watching your screen and when you lock on, fire away! Shake the phone to reload (you get 8 shots in a clip).

TURN OUT THE LIGHTS! To detect your enemies, Laser Tag detects the flash light on the back of other players phones. This works best if you play in a dark room… just like real laser tag!

In two player mode, the other person's phone will vibrate and look 'damaged' when they've been hit. At the end of the game your scores and stats will automatically show up on each other's device.

In group mode, everyone should begin at the same time then compare hits, misses, scores, and achievements at the end.

There's also a one player mode if you just want to practice aiming and shooting.

Note: Laser Tag uses the light on your phone in order to track players. Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.


✓ Real Laser Tag
✓ Augmented Reality
✓ Two Player & Group Mode
✓ Game Center Leaderboard & Achievements
✓ Excellent Music and Retina Graphics

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