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Lenstoss is another app I developed for an eye doctor. It reminds you when to change your contact lenses among many other things.

App Description

As an eye doctor for almost 20 years, I’ve seen just about every type of contact lens
related problem. Many times, the underlying cause is wearing the contacts longer than
the prescribed time. It can make your eyes uncomfortable, red, itchy, dry and blurry. It
is easy to lose track of when the contacts should be replaced. Studies support that contact lens wearers who replace their lenses on time report better vision and comfort. That is where Lenstoss comes in. Enter a few details about your type of contact lenses and let Lenstoss do the rest.

  • You can be notified that it is time to replace your lenses 1, 2, or 3 (or all 3!)
    days in advance AND on the day they are to be replaced.
  • You can even get a reminder the day after they are to be replaced in case you

In addition, you:

  • Can view how long you have worn the lenses.
  • Can view how many days until they should be replaced.
  • Can click a link to your contact lens manufactures website for any coupons or
    rebates they may have.
  • Can even set it up to email your eye doctor that you are ready to order more
  • Can set a reminder to notify you when it is time for your next exam.
  • Can view links to sunglass companies websites.
  • Can view links to contact lens solutions websites
  • Can view links to contact lens and eye related coupons. The savings from one
    coupon could more than cover the cost of the Lenstoss app.

Eye complications from over-wearing your contacts can be expensive, uncomfortable and
dangerous. Let Lenstoss help keep you on schedule.

Quotes from appadvice.com

could totally use this. my lenses are month-long wear, and I lose track after a week or two when they were put in.

I have worn contacts for 30 years and finally I can stop guessing when I need to change them.


Contact lens complications can occur even with proper maintenance.
Lenstoss is designed solely to remind wearers to change their lenses on time. If you
experience trouble with your contact lenses, see your doctor immediately.

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