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Weather Nerd for iPhone

My Goal

I needed to touch up on iOS dev, so over the last year I’ve spent some free time building a new app. My goal was to be proficient in Swift, iOS8, auto-layout, and in-app purchases so I took a stab at re-writing an old app “Today’s Weather” with a redesigned interface and lots of new features. The app is not available yet, but it will go live soon. Follow me on Twitter (@BendyTree) if you’re interested.

About Weather Nerd

Weather Nerd uses the same (fantastic) data source as the highly praised “Dark Sky”. The api (Forecast.IO) analyzes 18 different weather sources using statistical analysis to come up with the absolute best forecast possible (more info).

Here are some of the features of Weather Nerd:
– Analyzes 18 different weather sources to be as accurate as possible
– Hyper-local minute-to-minute forecasts will tell you exactly when it will rain. For example, “Light rain starts in 10 minutes, stops 25 minutes later.”
– A one week outlook, plus the ability to view the forecast of any day within the next year
– Comparison graph and text of today’s temperature compared to yesterdays. For example, “Today will be 9 degrees cooler than yesterday.”

The comparison feature (today vs yesterday) was very popular in my old weather apps. When I shut them down, the biggest comment I heard was how much people missed this feature. It’s a great way to quickly understand how to dress or whether to grab a coat.

Weather Nerd - Local Forecast and Daily Alerts

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